Monday, April 24, 2006

Rock You

Rock You is a slideshow program that allows you to post pictures with comments to any type of online website that uses HTML. Whither it is Blogger, Myspace, or your personal website, Rock You is there to give you a new way to post pictures. The slideshow format with the impressive zoom and slide effects makes your pictures really stand out and look great. Also available are borders with animations to give your slideshow even more flare. I really enjoyed working with this program and plan to use it a lot more in my future publications. If I was to rate the Rock You program I would give it a big 10 for creating a snazzy way to display your pictures online in a eye-catching fashion. In the post below titled “Grand Prix” you can see where I used Rock You. Below this post I used it again to give you an example of the border and animation option. If you want to check out Rock You yourself follow this link to there website.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Grand Prix

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Grand Prix

It’s Sunday April 23, 2006 and Grand Prix is officially over. Grand Prix for me was one of the best times I have had on campus so far. It last all week with activities that would last through Sunday. What I would like the main focus of my blog to be is Saturday’s main attractions. My day started out with low expectations. I didn’t expect it to be a great day, just mediocre. Oh man was I wrong! Once my friends and I made it to the area where everything was happening we saw the car show. “A car show?” I thought. I wasn’t expecting this. So we went in and saw some of the sickest cars I have seen in my life. Not to mention one of my dream cars the Infinity G35 Coupe. After we had our fill of auto eye candy we walked over to the cart race. The race was great. Speed, friends, competition, and the best part….wrecks; it couldn’t have gotten any better. I filmed a lot and took some pictures so be sure to check them out.